…years in the planning, Portland nearly lost our heads on this most amazing night with Atlantic Connection (January 25th, 2013). Was a heavy day of personal losses for several involved: but once together that night we found that the love, respect and community we have supported us through everthing…this connection stands apart from all else. As you can see by these faces….some seriously good vibes were shared. I am your humble promoter, letting you know that >THIS< is the reason I keep at it!
Hard to express my gratitude and appreciation for having Luke UTAH JAZZ out in Portland (May 31st, 2013), considering his very limited appearances stateside at the time. Over a year in the planning, it was an honor to have him play at JUICE! to experience the awesome local love PDX has for drum and bass. With over 15 years of releases (many I have on vinyl!) and setting the pace for some of our finest deep, jazzy DnB, Utah Jazz brought an exceptional night of sounds showcasing some of the best of this genre’s history….into it’s evolution today.