Random Movement 2012
Before he takes a break doing shows in the states, and takes off to Europe, JUICE! was stoked to welcome back Mr. Random Movement from Florida, US, for a mind-blowing 2+ hour set of blowout basslines and sexy grooves (November 30th, 2012). It’s hard to put into words the appreciation we have for this very special, super-hard-working stateside producer, and the energy he brings to each show, but we were glad to capture some of the vibes here in these photos.
AI’s Zula returns stateside (September 28th, 2012) for only a few short gigs country-wide after a long-anticipated return to the states. Years in the making, JUICE! was beyond excited to welcome AI’s sounds to Portland for this very special appearance in the Northwest. With amazing vibes and a packed house preceded by some of our finest local talent starting the night, I don’t think anyone knew what was coming! Definitely an epic time and lots of great memories on this night!
Very special guest Dave Owen plays here (January 20th, 2012) for the first time, bringing his unique jazzy & hiphoppy interpretation of liquid DnB to Portland. New producer Aquasion, (Textures Music Group) from Seattle, shot some great video and joined myself (playing out for the first time in years) to open for a JUICE! night rich with bass, tunes not-yet-heard, and some great memories. All photos Charles Romano ©2012.