If you’d like to get the ‘vibe’ for JUICE! nights and the artists featured, feel free to cruise through photos of previous events here and check out a slice. Every effort is made at each show to create a unique environment in which friends can gather for memorable sounds and a super-happy night of dancing to the deeper liquid sounds of drum and bass. JUICE! shows began in Bend, Oregon, and continues in Portland, but make a *home* where ever our location. Check Upcoming Shows column on the site here, or at facebook.com/juicedrumandbass for more on each current gig.

Slowly but surely, previous JUICE! show photos are being de-archived and posted here, so feel free to check back for more content and some fun visuals on these epic times. Thank you to the many producers, djs, listeners, promoters, agents, moms, dads (hehehe) and supporters who keep this genre alive and have helped to build an incredible history of these shows the last years.

JUICE! Graphic History