MulchFactory’s JUICE! nights are dedicated exclusively to showcasing the deeper-funky-jazzy-liquidy styles of drum and bass, thus we mostly respond to DnB inquiries. If you’re a serious DJ or Producer and would like us to have a listen, (or discuss future bookings), please feel free to hit up our booking email first with a bio/bit more about yourself, and links to your sets or tunes in Soundcloud. If you are an emcee, you may also do the same however, please note we infrequently book mc’s (if we do: it’s for those with an amazingly unique/or UK-flavored, non-intrusive style) which supports, not overwhelms a soulful funky night.

JUICE! nights manifest from love, experience, professionalism —and an amazing crew driven to do the same— soley for the deep appreciation of the music. We’re not bro’s, doods, homeskillet or bruvas: We’re educated moms, geeks, designers, travelers, thrill seekers—putting our everything into this night. Thanks for takin’ note of that before you say hello….

chemynne perlingieri (owner/promoter/designer/lead nutcase)
p.o. box 86423
portland, oregon 97286 usa
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skype:: mulchFactory