Chemynne Perlingieri, (aka mulchFactor) has been a listener of DnB since ’93 and promoter of the genre & artists since 2005. She has earned her stripes establishing MulchFactory’s: JUICE! DnB monthly in Bend 2005, as one of the the most solid drum n bass events in Oregon at the time. Save for a couple of pauses due to life (and having a daughter), JUICE continues to run as a bi-monthly, last Thursdays of the month hosting internationally-known producers at Fifth Avenue Lounge downtown Portland.

While honing dj skills of her own the past 12 years, Chemynne has brought some of DnB’s finest out to Oregon such as Big Bud, Atlantic Connection, Utah Jazz, Artificial Intelligence, Random Movement, Stunna, Bladerunner, Lenzman, Total Science, Simon & Bassline Smith, Commix, dBridge, Bachelors of Science, DJ Marky, OM UNIT, Technimatic, Spectrasoul, and more. The sound of JUICE! also continues through occasional podcasts at

Alongside running Mulch Design full time (since ’98), and raising her daughter, Chemynne’s love-of-DnB-travels have brought her to Chicago, Miami, San Fran, Seattle, NY, Netherlands, and all over the UK. Her mixes have been featured on local and European radio, DnBRadioBrazil,, and on (Speech from Arrested Development’s personal music website).

While MulchFactor isn’t often playing-out live, her focus is steadfast on raising the bar of excellence producing/promoting JUICE nights. She spends most her time working as a designer/art director; crafting the next shows; being a mom and working toward the dream future eco bar+music lounge spot: SEED44,LLC. Stay posted for more at

It’s been a nutty ride since our first show in February of 2005. JUICE! was initially a ‘side project’ monthly. Years later, it has become the focus of our business and future dreams. It’s continuance is humbly driven solely by a powerful love of drum and bass music, and a desire to contribute to that scene thriving in Portland. We’re very proud to be a part of this dynamic Oregon-Northwest DnB community, and grateful to each of you for the support over the years to these shows dedicated to the deep soulful sounds of DnB. Each night is a unique experience, best shared together. <3

Twitter: @juicednb
IG: juicedrumandbass