Still kicking.

Well no matter which direction we think we’re headed, much is to be revealed that’s out of our hands. It gives me a lot of joy to update this site today and put up some new ramblings….many have wondered where we’ve been and if shows would continue. Some thought we quit. So let me take a minute to lay it all out and your questions will be answered. Quitting isn’t a verb I use generally.

A year ago my mom passed away. It was sudden, swift, and staggering. Due to this, I had frequent travel and family responsibilities that rose to mom-umental proportions. We’d completed our last show just a week and a half after she was gone….I swear I barely remember the night I was still stricken with so much grief. It was evident that a pause was needed. Concurrently with this major life-shift, I received a local grant and business mentoring to complete a 12-year-long dream and plan to open a small restaurant/music venue focused on jazz and electronic music. Amazing news but very tough timing. I nearly lost the grant due to my mom’s death, but managed to complete course requirements to see it through. 6 months after that, I was dealing with some serious health issues myself, really just putting in perspective at the time that life and family were more important than anything else…sadly, even drum and bass.

But the drive to complete my life’s work, keeps going. And the love of this music, continues.

This plan, for a unique space with an unusually high level of sustainable principles, is something that is so clear in my mind, and sorely needed in this northwest mecca of food and culture. Thankfully, the plan itself is done and just undergoing a few revisions now. “Things of quality have no fear of time” my mom said after she got her PhD. So true mom, so true. I now have that tshirt she received with her degree, on my altar reminding me to stay patient and focused. I’ve had to put time toward the greater good of this dream ahead of JUICE! shows, for the past more than a year, as well as get my health back.

With energy renewed and manifesting new realities, I’m excited to un-pause JUICE! and keep shows going until our space SEED44 is open. There’s far too much great drum and bass that still needs to make it here. There’s always a time we need to get up after crashing our bike, and dust the dirt from our knees…and that’s exactly what I’m doing. So no, there was no quitting involved…just life asserting its own priorities and one has to let go, go with the flow. I’m super excited to be booking shows now, at a new venue we’ll announce in just a few days here, which will be last Thursdays (hopefully every other month as we used to be). Stoked with my bestie and business partner Maria, to be readying ourselves to bring you top notch soulful drum and bass, once again. Stay tuned…