Excited for what’s to come.

After a long lonnnnng time of being in a non-improved stasis (five years really), >>it gives me great joy to see the *new* juicedrumandbass.com site come to life now, thanks to dear friend Brian ‘Spastik’ Baker and his amazing skills + generous time. (Please check out and support his music at: www.spastikdnb.com or www.soundcloud.com/spastik and www.facebook.com/spastikdnb ).

While a work in progress (isn’t every website?), I’m really excited to direct you to what’s here now. Always growing. Shows have continued here since 2011, and though facebook is effective in some areas, I wanted another more in-depth place where listeners, djs, producers and agents, labels, and friends can come see what this little night ~that I put heart and soul into~ is about in Portland, Oregon. Dive in a bit…there are some newer shows, and older ones posted too from before I became a mommy. I believe some of these shots really convey the vibe that has driven me for years to keep at this. Check back: more shows will be added little by little as my time allows. Sample the ‘JUICE! Graphic History’….I’m really proud of this peek into the branding of these events over the years. Please note that alongside tireless efforts traveling for; promoting, and booking shows, are countless hours sunk into the design work of the print and online collateral/marketing too.

To come will be links to more sets, and a community page where we can cross pollinate each other’s drum and bass nights & stations, music, merchandise, and hot news on artist releases or upcoming (live or online) shows about which we’re excited.

So much personal passion has gone into this night and the drum and bass community over the years. Even more night hours squeezed out teaching myself to dj (with limited mentoring the last near 7 years) while pregnant/becoming a mom. Many of you know I got better to play out, mostly because I couldn’t afford to pay another dj on my nights. However, after having to give up piano, flute, and acoustic guitar over the years, this was one I just couldn’t give up on. If you know me, then you know my drive and love for this music is unstoppable….it’s never been about money; just the desire to push the artists and bring the music to new ears. I’ve discovered that these sounds—and mixing them, move me. I have a deeper dream-plan (about which some of you know), for a micro-farm-to-table restaurant/live jazz club & electronic music venue. This year, I started working on that business plan again. It may take me a while, but continuing with these drum and bass nights gives me crucial experience in Portland, and foundation working toward that long-term goal of combining my love for music, sustainable + local/community + resources, food/plants, design + culture….into one professional spot eventually. For now, I love what I do; I do it as I can; and I’m stoked to share it with you, as a work-in-progress. I’ve realized now that I too, am a work in progress. There is no ultimate achievement or result; it’s making the journey *awesome* that counts. Lately, I’ve been feeling really okay about my journey!

You know I’ve been on this craziness (promoting since 04 but listener long before), and put more time into it than I care to admit (especially to my Mulch Design clients!). However, I have had some amazingly wonderful support and encouragement over the years from clients too; some producers, and particularly my dear friend and co-nutter/promoter Maria Chaparro, without whom some of these nights might not have happened. Kind, ongoing help locally (Maria, Jenna, Sarah, Summer, Drew!) helps me to spread flyers and posters across the city of Portland, (and thank you to my daughter who roughs the streets with me bless her little promoting self). If you’ve wondered why I’ve taken so many trips to the UK…well, drum and bass LIVES there! It’s that vibe and kindness shown to me there, I’m always trying to import back here for our listening pleasure, and share the same good vibes to them that they have with me on my visits there.

>>Yes there’s a donate page. Without an ‘investor’, every show, big and small, has been funded by prayers, my rent, sweat, attendance/cover charge, and the generosity of the crew and sometimes the talent. While my love of the music has never been *about* money, it is in fact just that, which brings those shows to fruition each time, each show better than the last. It would be great to offer MORE, and not cut it so close. While my life has changed significantly over the years, quitting doing this night—was never an option.

—Now with this super cool site as a vehicle, I am hopeful through all this hard work, AND small donations, that there will be a more viable financial base for marketing shows & talent, developing this website, bringing back JUICE! merchandise like shirts, hoodies, [undies (hehe) and caps]…and be able to afford having talent at this special night that has passed up Portland previously due to budget (or capacity). The laundry list goes on from needing to print more posters to having a hard drive to record live shows at the venue (sets to be posted to the site later with producer’s permission). I can only spread myself so far, and work so much, but my desire to strive for more, and to do a better job, never ends. Later this year as, I’ll be offering some JUICE! perks/merch in return for your kind support. If you think, “what can my $5 or $10 possibly do to help support this drum and bass night?” …A lot. 5-10 donations like that will pay for fliers or posters for one event, put a down payment on tshirt printing, pay for postage for goodies to go to supporters, booking flights for artists coming to JUICE!, or the dollars that go in their pockets for playing here in Portland…..just for instance.

Thanks to everyone for just reading this. Hopefully after 8 years you guys know I’m *not* crazy. Just completely serious and on track! Thank you for supporting Portland drum and bass! To be honest, if it weren’t for tending gardens and tending this music, I’d have thrown my laptop out of the window years ago! This stuff feeds my soul, so I hope to keep feeding it to our lovely little city! Cheers and tons of love from this mama.